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Bamboo Wipes $7.95 $4.99 Shop

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Bamboo Wipes $7.95 $4.99 Shop

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Pandas VS Haléco: Which one is right for you?

May 31, 2023

Maybe you’ve stumbled across our website and you’re a bit confused, Pandas? Haléco? What do these words even mean?

Or maybe you’ve been eyeing our products off for a while, keen to make the switch to nappies that are kinder to our planet (and did we mention award-winning!) but you don’t know where to start. Whatever your story is, we’re here to make it easy for you! Let’s break it down.




Pandas Nappies

Pandas was our first range of luxe, premium eco-disposable nappies. They are super kind to the earth and are 85% biodegradable.




The main ingredient used in Pandas nappies is bamboo which is naturally moisture wicking, super absorbent, and breathable. Pandas nappies have a silky soft bamboo back sheet that is 100% biodegradable. You can read more about why we love bamboo here.




They also have a quilted 360-degree inner core which ensures no leaks! A stretchy high waist band and double leg gussets mean no blow outs!




They can hold 1 litre of water and provide 12 hours of protection. The handy wetness indicator makes it easy to see when baby’s nappy needs to be changed.


Haleco Nappies

We value our customers’ feedback and that’s how our second range of nappies, Haléco, was born.




We created Haléco to provide a slightly more affordable (roughly 20 cents cheaper per nappy) but still top-performing nappy. The main difference in the two nappies is that Haléco is made with plant-based fibres and doesn't have a fully bamboo backsheet, which makes them 68% biodegradable.




Because Haléco is a more affordable nappy, it doesn’t have all the same features as the Pandas nappy but substitutions have been made to ensure it is still a luxe, earth-friendly nappy. For example: Haléco nappies do not have a 360-degree inner core but instead have a 5-layer inner core that is super absorbent. They can hold almost as much as Pandas nappies (900mls) and have a wetness indicator.




If you’re a visual learner, this chart will make it easy to compare the differences!




If we had to narrow it down, the main differences between Pandas and Haléco is the price point, eco-friendliness and the fact that our Pandas nappies have a 100% bamboo backsheet. Incredibly, their performance is about the same! Haleco nappies are more affordable, but slightly less eco-friendly and made with plant-based fibres. Pandas nappies are slightly more expensive, more eco-friendly and made with a bamboo backsheet. This is the point where you decide as a parent what is best for your family! Either way, we know you’ll love our award-winning, leak-proof disposable eco nappies!

You can shop the full range of Pandas & Haleco nappies here.

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