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Luvme™ loves the earth, our children and safe products. We've created eco-aware brands with your babies health and well-being in mind. From our ethical preferred plant-based ingredients and responsible production we help create a sustainable future for your little ones.

Australian Owned Business.

Made From Plants.

Sustainable. Responsible. Ethical.

Biodegradable. Compostable. Recyclable.

Wipes Manufactured In New Zealand

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Luvme reimaged

baby eco nappies


Bamboo Eco-Disposable Nappies

85% Plant-Based Nappies!

Designed By Mums for Bubs!

The leading original bamboo eco nappy - just got better!

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Bounty Baby Awards Winners 2021

Each year the highly anticipated Bounty Baby Awards highlight the best of the best products in the baby industry, giving new parents a trusted insight into the right products to bring into their lives and into their homes.

Eco Plant wipes - awarded SILVER

Pandas Reuseable cloth Nappies - awarded the BRONZE

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Pandas by Luvme Eco Disposables

Bamboo is an incredible plant, it can grow up to one metre in a day. It is naturally absorbent and strong. We use FSC approved Bamboo and well managed forests.

The 360-degree absorption means your baby girl or boy can wet the nappy knowing that whichever way it lands it is instantly absorbed. This makes Pandas by Luvme the perfect unisex nappy. We have now Embossed the inner lining to help track leaks. Keeping sensitive areas dry and free of moisture.

We only use sustainable and renewable materials to manufacture our nappies. We choose renewable energy for our production, and by offsetting our carbon footprint, we are always working to leave a better earth to our future generations.

Our pandas by Luvme nappy has a 12 hour touch-to-dry technology this helps sensitive areas from feeling and being moist. It deters the moisture from irritating your babies sensitive areas. The perfect overnight companion.

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Premium Trusted Plant-Based

Eco Bamboo + Eco Plant Wipes

Our leading eco wipes are now made in a manufacturing facility in New Zealand. Perfect for sensitive skin and delicate areas.


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Here's what they have to say about Luvme.


Our little family has chosen Luvme Eco nappies and wipes because they are not only amazing for the environment, they are extremely absorbent and super soft for our little boys. Shipping is fast, and they are easy to deal with . We love they are so passionate about the planet, just like us

Brooke Richie

We’ve used Luvme panda nappies since I can remember now. They’ve always been super soft and absorbent. Amazing price and easy to order. Good for the environment!!! And most importantly a beautiful kind small family business. I really love being able to deal with the real people.

Seanne Peach

We absolutely love luvme products. The nappies are so soft and perfect for sensitive baby skin. We are a plant based family so love that we are choosing a product that is better for the environment. We made the switch to Luvme and will not be buying anything else. Cannot recommend their range highly enough.

Tahlia Somogyi

We are always looking at ways we can reduce our impact on the environment, during my pregnancy we realised how many nappies babies go through each day so after some research we made the choice to use Luv Me Eco and have only used these since Bowie was born. Not only are they eco-friendly they are also super soft, absorbent and gentle on his bottom

Fran Highfield