CLEARANCE SALE | Everything must go!


CLEARANCE SALE | Everything must go!


CLEARANCE SALE | Everything must go!

April 17, 2023 2 min read

When Luvme began 12 years ago, we wanted to do everything possible to create the most environmentally friendly but also top-performing baby products.

We knew that the core ingredient we chose would be key; we looked far and wide to find the best option that would be kind to the earth and we chose bamboo for the incredibly sustainable, natural, and versatile plant that it is. We’re in love with it and here’s why you should be too!

Bamboo is a renewable & sustainable source

In fact, it is the fastest growing plant on Earth and grows up to 1 metre in 24 hours! This means that when it is harvested, it is replaced and renewed very quickly which equals less harm to our beautiful planet. We only use FSC- certified, responsibly sourced bamboo in our Luvme products.

It's allll natural

Bamboo does not need nasty chemicals pesticides to grow and to be harvested. Cotton on the other hand (used in conventional disposable nappies) needs toxic pesticides to grow and then can leech out onto delicate skin. The way we view it, the more natural the better!

It's totally biodegradable

Bamboo fibres biodegrade back into the earth, leaving less of a footprint on our planet. Our Pandas bamboo nappies are 85% biodegradable in just a few months, unlike conventional nappies that will sit in landfill the next 500 years. Our bamboo wipes are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Shop them here.

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial

This makes bamboo the perfect choice for nappies! Bamboo naturally wicks moisture keeping little bottoms dry which means less nappy rash!

It's super soft & super strong

One of the biggest comments we get from parents is about the feel of our bamboo nappies; they are just so incredibly soft! Bamboo is so gentle on sensitive little tooshies and its fibres are strong, creating a reliable, leak-proof nappy.

Bamboo benefits our environment

Now this blew our minds… did you know that bamboo absorbs 2x more carbon dioxide than trees? It also generates up to 30% more oxygen than most plants and trees. What's more, bamboo requires less water than other plants to grow and thrive.

Shop our premium Pandas Bamboo Eco Nappies here

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