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Pandas reusable cloth nappies have 4 layers (2 layers of outer bamboo and 2 layers of micro fibre inners for better absorbency)and a waterproof outer layer.

All the materials we choose to use to craft our eco-friendly reusable cloth nappies have been OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. OEKO-TEX is an independent testing and certification system for textiles, certifying that they are free from harmful substances and safe for human use. Every thread in our reusable nappies is tested by these rigorous standards, ensuring that your baby has only the safest and purest fibres against their delicate skin.

When fitted properly, cloth nappies are just as effective as disposables in preventing leaks. Choosing the right size and adjusting the fit so that it's nice and snug can help minimise the risk of leaks.

With proper planning, cloth diapers can be convenient for travel. Many parents find success using hybrid systems or all-in-one diapers for ease of use on the go.

Dirty cloth nappies can be stored in a dry pail or wet bag until laundry day. Many parents use a disposable liner when using their cloth nappies to make the process even more convenient.

Yes our cloth nappies fit newborn to toddler.