Pandas Modern Cloth Washing Guide

What are Cloth nappies about?


Gone are the days of squares of terry toweling that you need to fold in confusing ways, that are bulky, heavy, require pins and outdated. We have created an easy reusable Cloth nappy, that works just like a regular nappy without the plastic. Luvme caters for every kind of Mum. We offer a one size fits most cloth nappy that can be adjusted throughout your baby’s nappy wearing years.

Our nappies are designed to fit from 3kg to 18kg which typically covers newborn babies right through to toilet trained toddlers. We make it easier by having a multi-sized nappy so that you don’t need to carry different sizes dependent on age. You can simply adjust Luvme cloth nappies to fit your growing baby.  

 Our Cloth nappy shell has a waterproof cover and an absorbent inner core with a pocket to slide your day liner into. The soft inner is a bamboo terry fabric that is breathable and comfortable for your baby's sensitive skin. Each nappy comes with 1 day liner, which fits inside the nappy and is highly absorbent Bamboo and Microfibre. 

How Does it work

All Luvme cloth nappies have adjustable snaps along the waist and along the legs to grow with your baby. This way you can clip them to fit multiple weights and sizes very easily. We recommend pre clipping the nappy for faster nappy changes.
We have you covered for light wetters and heavy wetters with our NEW day reusable liners. Simply slip into the pocket of the nappy and purchase an extra one and place inside cloth nappy next to bubs skin for extra absorbency should you wish.
For number 2’s we have 100% biodegradable flushable liners* that make it easy to flush away and save the messy clean-up. Our flushable liners come boxed and pull out like tissues for faster use.
For on-the-go nappy changes we recommend using a wet bag. This way you can store your wet soiled nappies ready to be soaked when you get home.

 * Please note Pandas flushable liners may not be suitable for flushing if using a septic system.