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Your most asked questions...

Yes we do! See our Subscription infomation here

Our Nappies are Eco Friendly, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. Free from lotions, fragrance, latex, pesticides, gmo, harsh chemicals and other nasties.

Our Haléco range are manufactured using plant based materials and are 68% biodegradable. Our Pandas are 85% Biodegradable the soft quilted thick bamboo back sheet provides a silky smooth to touch outer layer.

Haléco nappies are 68% plant based. Plant based means made from plant material. This is viscose nonwovens which is non specified plant material from things like bamboo and trees. It can be several types of trees from the forestry.

Polyester or plastic are the remaining materials. This would be the plastic tabs, leg gussets, waistband and wetness indictor.

Pandas nappies are made from 85% plants, with a 100% bamboo biodegradable outer liner.

Pandas by Luvme is always looking at ways to help our environment. A regular disposable nappy takes 500 years to biodegrade. Our nappies have been designed with as many biodegradable elements as possible in order to reduce the impact disposables have on our environment.

There is no disposable nappy on the market in Australia or overseas that is 100% biodegradable. Our Pandas by Luvme nappies are over 85% biodegradable which is the highest we can get to without losing the comfort, performance, and usability of our nappies. Of course, that doesn't mean we stop trying - we're constantly researching ways to improve our products.

Pandas by Luvme are Australian Owned and Designed.

Ethically manufactured in China.

Our award-winning eco-friendly nappies are designed in Australia yet manufactured overseas by our trusted New Zealand manufacturer who we have used for years. They are ethically sourced and made.

We have researched having them manufactured in Australia as we would love to have our nappies made here, however we would have to sell them at double the price due to high manufacturing costs and don't feel ready to take that step yet.

Yes, our Pandas range has newborn sized nappies.

Yes, our boxes and packaging for newborn panda nappies state 0-3kg. In the description section we have added that our newborn panda nappies will fit up to 5kg babies. We are in production now so new packaging will reflect this as well.

This number can vary from baby to baby, however we've made a guide to help you out here.