Luvme Nappies

We are proud to offer a product that is made from sustainable plant based materials, leaving as minimal environmental impact as possible without compromising on providing Australia's softest and most absorbent eco bamboo disposable nappy and pull ups.

No Nasties

No lotions or fragrance
No formaldehyde
No latex

We only use safe and non-irritating materials

Extremely soft ECO bamboo.

Naturally breathable outer cover.

Quickly & easily know when your bub needs changing.

Bamboo draws away the moisture leaving baby feel drier.

Extremely absorbent fluff pulp from sustainable forests.
Soft elastic double leg gusset and leak cuff ensuring fewer le aks.

Soft elastic back waistbands for maximised on the go movement.
Enhance fit & comfort with tearable sides for easy removal.

Perfect for bubs and toddlers sensitive skin.

Natural & renewable plant based material.

Slim & comfy snug fit as bamboo is extremely absorbent fibre so bub should stay dry not just all day but all night.

One Size All In One Multi Fit Cloth Nappy

No more nappy rash.

No pins/plastic covers required 

All you need in one box.

Get the most out of your cloth nappies and inserts.

Comfortable elastic around legs
Great for movers, shakers and little wiggly legs. 

PUL waterproof outer layer
Protects your cloth nappy from leaking.

Soft 100% Bamboo lining & insert
Cloth nappies come with 1 bamboo reusable insert
Simple and easy to use

Works with either the bamboo cloth inserts 1 or 2 for night wetness. Or the Flushable liners.

We recommend
Day wear 1 bamboo cloth liner or flushable liner.
Night wear 2 bamboo cloth liners. 

Slim fitting and perfect for petite little newborns all the way to your active toddler.

Newborn to toddler 3-18 kg. Cream / Off White Colour
No dyes, natural colour, won’t show through light coloured clothes.