Haléco Plant Nappies

Plant-Based Haléco Nappies That Are Ultra-Gentle

Haléco nappies are ultra-gentle in every way! Our plant-based nappies are low-tox, only the best for your baby! Our nappies are free of fragrances, latex, formaldehyde, and alcohol. Even the ink used in the print on the nappies is plant-based and non-toxic. They are hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested and approved.


Our Haléco Nappies Provide a Stretchy High Waistband Holding up to 900ml of Liquid

No one likes a blowout! Haléco plant-based nappies have an ultra-protective, stretchy, high waistband as well as double elastic leg gussets that keep leaks in. The five-layer inner core is super-absorbent and can hold up to 900ml of liquid! The shape of the Haléco nappy is unique and custom-created for comfort. The side tabs are "S" shaped and create an ultra-comfortable fit that decreases the risk of tabs cutting in. The handy wetness indicator makes it easy to see when the baby needs to be changed! Haléco plant-based nappies are as kind to the Earth as they are to your little one.

Haléco Nappies Are 68% Biodegradable

They are 68% biodegradable. It takes over 500 years for a conventional disposable nappy to break down. Yikes! Our nappies are made with responsibly sourced plant fibres, no cruelty of any kind, and sustainable practices. You can confidently choose Luvme Haléco nappies as an Earth-friendly, responsible choice.

Multi Award Winning Haléco Plant Nappies

We’re not the only ones who are in love with our luxe plant-based nappies… our nappies have won prestigious awards: Clean + Conscious Awards 2022 – Disposable Nappies and 2023 Organic Beauty Awards - Disposable Nappies.

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It’s super important that your baby is wearing the right size Haléco nappy, have a look at our fit guide here! We want to make things as easy as possible!

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