A swim nappy is great for the environment as it is reusable and eco-friendly. Pandas by Luvme reusable swim nappies are machine washable, quick-drying and size-adjustable. They're are a great way to save money whilst protecting our environment. Our swim nappies have also been designed to last and can be used from baby to toddler.

Luvme nappies are a shell designed to trap solids and let liquids pass through. Because of this, only put the swim nappy on your baby right before you go in the water. Otherwise, you might end up with wee leaking out! 

Flush any number 2s from the soiled resusable swim nappy.

Rinse the nappy and place in the nappy bucket.

Wash within 2 days.

Soaking is not recommended.

Soaking agents can damage the waterproof coating.

Do not wash in hot water as this can damage the waterproof coating.

Line dry is best.

Warning: Do not wash in hot or warm water and do not use the dryer

We suggest having 3-4 swim nappies. Especially if you use them for both beach and pool time.

Our Swim Nappies have adjustable press studs to fit bub from newborn to toddler.

We have 10+ colours to choose from! You can even get a matching wet n dry bag.

Our Luvme swim nappies are designed for catching number 2's as they are lined with a mesh. You don’t need to purchase an insert as they are not designed to catch the liquid, instead it will flow through.

Pandas reusable swim nappies are made with light-weight polyester and a PUL lining to ensure the most comfortable and quick-drying swim nappy possible! 

All the materials we choose to use to craft our eco-friendly reusable swim nappies have been OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. OEKO-TEX is an independent testing and certification system for textiles, certifying that they are free from harmful substances and safe for human use. Every thread in our swim nappies is tested by these rigorous standards, ensuring that your baby has only the safest and purest fibres against their delicate skin.