Kendall Seddon | Owner & Founder of Luvme Eco

Riding my bike to work makes me feel alive. It’s a decent ride of about 20km with a few hills along the way and I love a challenge! I love the feeling of the wind blowing in my hair, listening to music, and pondering my thoughts, without distraction. 

Something you might not know about me is that I don’t take myself too seriously. I love to have a laugh! Life goes way too fast not to live every day filled with joy and laughter. 

I love being part of making a difference in someone’s life. Whether it be a customer who by using our nappies is finally getting a good night sleep, blessing a charity with nappies and wipes to a family in need, or creating a work environment that our staff love coming to each day. 

Craig Seddon | Owner & Warehouse Manager

One thing that makes me feel alive is praying and worshipping all the time knowing I’m held by God.

You might not know that I met and fell in love with my beautiful wife Kendall over some long phone calls before I even met her. 

I really love hooning round on the forklift lifting pallets up and down and it’s one thing I love most about my role at Luvme. 

Tracy | Office Manager (Office Mama)

Anything creative feeds my soul… designing & sewing, drawing, painting & sculpture, it all makes me feel alive. I encourage all to let go of the fear of failure; vulnerability in surrendering is strength.

Most people wouldn’t know that I have visited 21 countries and have lived in 4 of them.

The thing that I love most about my role at Luvme is that everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the Luvme mission. I get to work alongside my amazing & talented team. They inspire me daily.  

David | Global Sales Executive

The one thing that makes me feel alive is the fact that I can serve my Creator and his kingdom daily knowing that we are touching humanity together, knowing that my assignment on the earth is to love well and see the results of Gods faithfulness.

I have a a deep love for nations and cultures and over a period of 30 years i've had the privilege to have traveled to over 52 nations ,planted 160 churches and have seen thousands of people respond to the salvation message. 

I love this role as I develop markets and business avenues and distribution hubs Globally I get to meet new people and it's like we are building highways and bridges across nations. Peoples lives are being touched by our products and services and I love knowing we are taking care of families and helping provide a product that protects our echo systems as well.