Cancel Nappy Rash with These Tips!

April 24, 2023 1 Comment

If you’ve tried all the things but your little one keeps getting nappy rash, this one is for you! These handy tips will keep that little bottom happy.

Say Goodbye to Nappy Rash, Forever!

Here's the scene, your baby is crying… and you’ve done all the things, feeding, burping, rocking. You check their nappy and you find the culprit: a red, angry looking rash on your sweet babe’s bottom. Oh nappy rash… the dreaded rash that causes pain and itching on sensitive skin. There’s enough going on in life with babies (am I right?!) without having to deal with nappy rash so here are some ways to avoid it.

Luvme Eco - Nappy Rash Nappy Rash - Luvme EcoNappy Rash - Luvme Eco

Use chemical-free baby products:

It is astonishing how many harsh chemicals (fragrances, dyes, other nasty things) are in conventional disposable nappies and wipes! Babies have thinner and more permeable skin than adults, making it easier for harmful chemicals to pass through the skin barrier. The best way to avoid nappy rash is to use all-natural products that are actually gentle on sensitive skin!

The biggest feedback we hear at Luvme about our nappies is that nappy rash isn’t a thing anymore! We only use natural, quality ingredients in our nappies and wipes and it makes a big difference. The bamboo in our Pandas nappies is luxuriously soft and naturally moisture-wicking keeping bottoms nice and dry! Conventional wipes often contain alcohol and fragrances which can be a major irritant to gentle skin. Our Luvme wipes contain a gentle, no-nasties formula made of purified New Zealand water and Japanese soybean amino acid.

Nudie Time:

One of the best ways to avoid nappy rash is to let your baby revel in a bit of nudie time! Babies love it and it’s the best way to get rid of moisture on sensitive little bits. Put down a waterproof mat or towel and free those buns! 

Nappy Rash - Luvme Eco

Change baby often:

It might seem obvious, but changing baby frequently is key in avoiding nappy rash! Moisture causes bacteria which can lead to nappy rash so a fresh, dry nappy is necessary.  Newborns need to be changed every 2-4 hours and infants every 4-6 hours (of course before if they have pooed.) Luvme nappies have a handy wetness indicator on the front that will tell you when your baby needs to be changed!


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Greg Dwyer
Greg Dwyer

May 18, 2023

The best way to cancel nappy rash is to buy Pandas & Haleco Nappies. We have two children with a total for both of them of around 6 years in nappies & they both only had nappy rash a couple of times, likely caused by us, the parents forgetting & leaving them in their nappy for way to long. You can’t go wrong with these nappies. We love them.

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