CLEARANCE SALE | Everything must go!


CLEARANCE SALE | Everything must go!


CLEARANCE SALE | Everything must go!

April 18, 2023 4 min read

If there’s anything we are convinced of as a brand, it is that kindness changes things. There’s so many things we could say about kindness but here’s three thoughts and a few stories from our Luvme team. Grab a cuppa and settle in, those warm and fuzzies are coming for you!

Kindness doesn’t have to cost a thing. It’s easy to overcomplicate kindness but it is often the simple things that mean the most. A smile, a hug, a kind word can go a long way.

 “I remember a time a few years ago where a simple act of kindness meant everything to me. To set the scene, I had a strong-willed two year old, Hudson, and a newborn and thought I had shopping with two tiny humans down. I was proven wrong. The baby fussed and the toddler was less than compliant and I left the grocery store with my cart full but my heart weary.

We passed the coin-guzzling mechanical bus that all parents try to avoid, and I plopped Hudson in it to play (without money) because frankly, I needed to clear my head. An elderly gentleman walked past, stopped in his tracks, and with a twinkle in his eye, reached into his wallet retrieving a gold coin. His wrinkled hands shook with careful concentration as he placed the coin in. Hudson's eyes lit up with delight as the bus began to move, the man watching all the while with a smile on his face. I made conversation and he replied in broken English that he had 3 daughters and granddaughters; he told me my baby boy was handsome and I thanked him.

Our conversation didn't go much further than that, but it didn't need to... his actions spoke louder than words. I quickly took in the details of his weathered face, stooped shoulders, wispy white hair, and deep brown eyes because I wanted to remember what generosity and tenderness looked like in a moment when I needed it most. He reminded me that kindness is timeless.... and as simple as a $2 coin.” - Heidi (Luvme Content Creator)

Kindness is contagious. It’s incredible how kindness spreads!


Kindess - Luvme EcoKindness - Luvme EcoKindness - Luvme Eco

“When I was young I would go with dad on his trips to Bunnings, and I remember a few times when we were either walking in or coming out that dad would notice someone struggling to lift something heavy into their car boot and would offer to give them a hand loading the heavy things into their car for them. I was always so proud whenever I saw him do that and remember so clearly how grateful those people were for the help. It was a blessing to have someone not just tell me but show me what kindness to others looks like.” – Chel (Luvme Design Queen)


Kindness is needed. Our world is overflowing with excess in so many ways but one thing we can never have too much of is kindness. You never know how you will change someone’s day just by spreading a little bit of kindness.

“I sometimes get nervous or reluctant to share kindness as I am worried the person might not want help.  But on this particular day I saw an elderly lady waiting at the bus stop at the mall, where I went into get some groceries (while waiting for my daughter to finish work in there.) I smiled and said hi, she said hi back.  When we came out 45minutes later she had moved inside to the entrance of the mall with her bags, she seemed uneasy and a little distressed.  I was now with my 3 daughters and we stopped and asked the lady if she was okay, her reply being ‘I am a little frightened as there is a man at the bus stop drinking and swearing and my bus hasn’t come.’  Then suddenly, I was asking if she would like us to drop her home, she said ‘oh really, would you do that for me?’ ‘Of course!’  I said.  We all walked to the car, and she was so happy and thankful that she would be home in time for dinner.  My girls were so proud of me for offering as I am usually too worried to ask.  But from that day on, I thought to myself it is actually easy to be kind. It’s not worth overthinking it because kindness is so needed.”  -Nic (Luvme Admin Whiz)

Kindness - Luvme Eco

At Luvme being kind to our Earth is our top priority; it’s at the heart of who we are. While we are on the topic of kindness, we just wanted to share three ways Luvme is kind to our Earth.

We use no nasties in any of our products. We mean it when we say that we use no nasties or chemicals! Our all-natural ingredients are better for the Earth and better for your precious babe. Our nappies and wipes (both plant based and bamboo) are so gentle on even the most sensitive skin. It’s one reason you love our products—no more nappy rash!

We leave a smaller footprint on our planet. Regular disposable nappies take 500 years to biodegrade—gross! Our eco nappies take just between 60-120 days and our wipes are 100% compostable and biodegradable! So much kinder to our Earth! 

We make earth-conscious decisions.  Every choice we make at Luvme is fuelled by the desire to leave a better earth to our children. From our packaging to the inner components of our nappies, all have been designed to be as kind to the earth as possible.

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