7 Most Frequently Asked Luvme Questions

June 29, 2023


Luvme always aims to be a transparent brand that you can trust and we love answering any questions that you might have. I sat down with our customer service guru, Nic, to find out what our most frequently asked questions are.

1. What is the difference between the bamboo and plant products?

Our plant and bamboo wipes have the same all-natural ingredients but our plant wipes are made with plant-based fibres and our bamboo ones are made with bamboo fibres.


Our Pandas bamboo nappies are 85% biodegradable and have a 100% bamboo back sheet.

Haleco are our plant-based nappies that are a slightly lower price point. They are 68% biodegradable.

Both are award-winning, top-performing eco nappies! You can read more about the difference between Pandas vs Haleco here

2. If I choose the wrong nappy size, can I exchange them? 

Yes! We are happy to exchange nappies if the packaging is unopened and in new condition*.

If you have ordered online, you will need to cover shipping costs to send them back. If you live local, you can swap them at our warehouse to avoid paying shipping costs.


 3. Do Luvme nappies and wipes have chemicals in them?

Our nappies and wipes are free of any nasties—only the best for your babe! They contain ZERO formaldehyde, bleach, chlorine, fragrance, phenols, dyes and lotions. Our nappies and wipes are dermatologist tested and perfect for sensitive skin. 


4. How do Luvme subscriptions work?

Luvme subscriptions are so simple and convenient—set up your own subscription in three simple steps! Subscribers also get to enjoy 25% OFF every order. We're talking 25% off your first order, second, third and every order after that*.

    1. Choose your bundle.
    2. Choose nappy size.
    3. Order, set, and forget!
Read more about our Subscription service here


    5. Is there a stockist of Luvme products near me?

    We have a super handy store locator on our website that you can type in your post code and see what stockists are in your area!


    We also offer free pick up at our Luvme warehouse Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm. We are located at 1/16 Naru Street, Chinderah NSW 2487.


    6. Are your nappies and wipes actually biodegradable?

    We love this question! Our Pandas nappies are 85% biodegradable. It’s important to note that the non-biodegradable portion (15%) of these nappies needs to be disposed of properly. The side tabs and leg gussets need to be removed and put in the bin.


    Haleco nappies are 68% biodegradable. The biodegradable elements take between 60-120 days to biodegrade.

    Both our bamboo and plant-based wipes are 100% biodegradable and compostable!

    7. Where are your nappies and wipes made? 

    Our Luvme wipes are made in an off-grid facility in New Zealand that is powered by renewable energy. Unfortunately, we can't disclose anything more specific than that (for obvious reasons).

    Our nappies are designed in Australia and currently made in the PRC using ethical and sustainable practices. We are working towards having our nappies made in New Zealand in the future, where our wipes are made.

    *Please note that we hold the right to refuse refund if the products are not in new condition.
    *Please note, subscription order shipping pricing can vary based on location and order volume.

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