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What a beautiful, wild, messy, ever-changing ride motherhood is! There’s just so much we could cover on a day like Mother’s Day… the ups, downs, and all around but we thought we would introduce you to Kendall, the mama of LuvmeEco. We’re going to delve into her motherhood journey and also hear about how Luvme was born.

Kendall, can you share a little about when you first became a mother and what that experience was like?

I was a young mum and planned my first child so I was super organised and excited. Playing with my dolls was my favourite thing growing up so being a young mum was something I was super excited about. While pregnant I embraced myself in learning, reading and understanding every aspect of pregnancy and motherhood which definitely helped my journey. I learnt that sometimes the things we need to learn most are not in books, but from ourselves.

The day Kayla was born was the best day of my life. Holding her for the first time in my arms I still remember to this day as the most incredible feeling—just the most overflowing love that I had ever felt. She was my world; I embraced being a full time mum loving every moment I could spend with her, even watching her for hours while she would sleep. I had dreamed of this moment for so long but I never truly knew how amazing the love for my child was going to be. From that day on my focus was on providing her unconditional love and that hasn’t changed ever to this day… even with the ups and downs of life. The love a mother has for her children is unbreakable and everlasting.

Kendall Founder of LuvmeKendall Founder of LuvmeKendall Founder of Luvme

What do you wish you could have told yourself as a new mum?

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you mess up as we are going to mess up and make mistakes and I know that is where we learn and the true growth comes from. I now see a different perspective when going through challenges.

As mums I believe that we sometimes put our needs last but I now understand that making time for things that bring you joy that might be separate to your children is extremely important. I now make time for myself to do the things I love - for example I love riding my mountain bike and going horse riding and make these things a priority. I think it’s also important for your children to see you making time for yourself is very important. This role modelling will encourage them to when one day they become a parent.  

 You began Luvme with your mum and worked together until she passed away from cancer in 2021. Can you tell us a little about her and what she taught you about motherhood? 

My mum was a very strong and determined woman that never let any challenge in any aspect of life overcome her. In the difficult and challenging times is where she shined brightest. My entire life if I had a problem I could go to her and she would have an answer on how to overcome it. Her problem solving skills were incredible. Sometimes her solution wasn’t always the one I wanted to hear haha.

My mum believed that failure didn’t exist you just keep going and work hard until you get the breakthrough. She taught me that you do anything for family and how important having a close relationship with family was. I love that she instilled this in me as I definitely have a family like this with my daughters and now granddaughter. I lost my dad when I was five and now my mum, so I know the importance of creating as many memories as possible.

Mum also taught me to express and share love in actions and words with the people you love. She was always encouraging and doing for others. My mum would never walk past a homeless person or someone in need without giving or helping them. Her mothering extended to all people and I am so blessed that she passed this onto myself and my girls, the gift of giving unconditionally.

Kendall and Mum

What inspired you to start Luvme?

Doing a business with my mum really inspired me as I dreamed of creating a family business that we could have family work in and leave to future generations. The luvme brand / name was birthed from Love of family and love of our earth. I believe it is our responsibility to leave a better earth to future generations, so this is why I wanted to create an eco range of products.

You have an older daughter, Kayla who is 23, but also two younger daughters who are 10 and 7, so you’re a busy mama! Can you share with us how you juggle being a business owner and a mum?

DIARY! I have a physical diary I write everything in and take it in my handbag with me everywhere. This helps me to minimise forgetting what things I have on. I was also gifted from my beautiful mumma the ability to delegate tasks to others. This is where my husband steps in and does a lot of the morning routine with the kids and afternoon activities which enables me to work longer hours.

As a young girl I was great at multitasking and organising people. These skills have definitely come in handy with juggling being a business owner and a mum. When you have your own business, you definitely work long hours initially but now after 13 years of having our business we are blessed that we have an incredible team who can now help with tasks that does enable me to spend more time with my 3 beautiful daughters and now also my granddaughter Vera too.

Kendall and CraigKendall's FamilyKendall, Kayla and Vera

What’s been your greatest challenge of being a mum and how did you deal with it?

I am a parent who just wants to make it all better but I have learnt that they need to learn for themselves and that my job is to give them that freedom as they get older to make their own choices and be there ready when they need me to provide love and support in their times of need.

What advice would you have for any new or expecting mothers?

Be ok with asking for help. Family, friends and health support workers of any kind. We are so blessed to live in a country that we have so much support when it comes to our health and well-being. Don’t try and be a super mum!  Reach out and know that being vulnerable and asking for help isn’t weakness; it’s actually an incredible sign of strength. Make time for your rest and relaxation without guilt! Your wellbeing is just as important as your bubs’. Be kind to yourself, you are worthy of love too!  

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May 18, 2023

What a gorgeous story. You are so inspiring. It was an absolute pleasure working with you on your product design and rebrand. The Luvme family is so close to my heart.

Kendall you are an inspiration. Female founded and loved by all.

Carlia xxx

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