The Easiest & Sweetest DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea

May 08, 2023

This Mother’s Day craft ticks all the boxes… it’s simple, sentimental, and surprisingly cost-effective!


Mother's Day Craft

I saw these little terracotta saucers in the plant section recently at Bunnings (yes Bunnings!) and I saw major potential! They are the perfect size to be a trinket tray, for jewellery on your bedside table. The saucers stack together, nesting perfectly into each other! And best of all, they cost a grand total of $5 combined!

A little bit of white paint will make your little terracotta jewellery trays your own—the possibilities are endless!

A handprint is a sweet addition because their little hands just grow so fast! Waaaahhh, cue all the tears!

Head on over to the Bunnings website & get crafty!

Trinket Trays:

Mother's Day CraftMother's Day CraftMother's Day Craft

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