To-Die-For Summery Burrata & Tomato Salad

November 07, 2023


This super fresh, delicious burrata and tomato salad will whisk you away to Italy’s coastline with every bite! It is so easy to make and is the perfect salad to bring along to a summer soiree with friends. If you’re not familiar with burrata, it is an Italian cheese that is similar to mozzarella but with a soft, oozy interior. Trust us, the tangy marinated tomatoes and the buttery burrata are a match made in heaven. We suspect you’ll be making this salad over and over this summer!  


250g Heirloom Baby Tomatoes(You can also use grape or cherry tomatoes)  

2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Plus more for drizzling)  

1 tbsp Red Wine Vinegar 

1/2small onion sliced very finely  

2 tsp very finely sliced Fresh Basil 

Salt andBlack Pepper to taste  

1 Burrata  




1 |Cut tomatoes into halves and add to a serving bowl.  


2 | Add sliced basil and onions. Stir together.  


3 | In a small bowl, whisk together extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar and salt & black pepper. Pour over tomatoes and stir well.  


4 | Leave in the fridge to marinate for as long as you have time (even 30 min is fine.)


5 | Make a little well and place burrata into the centre of the tomatoes.  


6 | Drizzle burrata with olive oil and add a crack of black pepper.  


7 | Toast sourdough (rub with garlic for extra flavour!)  

8 | Serve and enjoy!  


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