How do we Teach our Kids to be Kind? (Free Kindess Challenge Printable Included)

November 08, 2023


November 13 is World Kindness Day! We are big fans of kindness around here at Luvme and it’s something we value so much. It’s a wild world out there but kindness really makes the world a better place! I think every parent wants to raise kind children but kindness is not something that always comes naturally. So how do we instil kindness into our kids? We’ve got a few ideas!  

 1 | Give Kindness a Name 

We’re all still learning… kids especially, need to be taught what kindness looks like. I mean, it’s a bit of an abstract concept that can be hard to grasp. The best way to show our children what kindness looks like is to point out kindness when you see it. In everyday situations, give kindness a name. This looks like, “Oh, I saw you just share your toy with your little sister. That’s so kind” or “Daddy made you such a yummy breakfast this morning! He’s a kind daddy!” The more children are shown what kindness looks like, the easier it will be for them to identify it and emulate it.  


 2 | Model Kindness  

Our children’s number one influence is us as parents! They look to us for everything, including watching the way we treat others. They soak it all up which is a bit intimidating… but it’s also so hopeful. If kindness is something you prioritise in your home, it’s something that your children will naturally pick up.  

Modelling empathy and kindness in the way we respond to them is key. Showing them in the little ways like the way speak to them and about others. Also in the bigger ways, like including them in acts of kindness for someone else. Being kind to others feels good so letting them experience this for themselves is so valuable!  

 3 | Teach Them That Kindness Is Free  

This might seem like a small thing but it’s so important for kids to know that kindness will cost them nothing! A smile changes everything—it’s one thing that we all have that we can share! Including someone else is free but makes a world of difference. Thinking of other’s feelings creates a culture of kindness that is contagious. Once kids have grasped this concept, they will feel empowered to spread kindness wherever they go.  


We created this Kindness Challenge for you to do with your little ones! The free printable ishere! It’s a great activity to bring kindness to life and to make it a bit more of a tangible concept. Kindness is contagious so once your kids get a taste of it, they will want more!

Download our free Kindness Challenge Printable.


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