Our Top 3 Fave Luvme Products for Summer

October 05, 2023


Fresh mangos, the smell of sunscreen, sandy toes… sweet summertime is coming!

With this summer being predicted to be extra hot, it will be beach and pool days all around! We are mums who have done the hot, sweaty, sandy beach days with kids and it’s so much fun but can also feel like a lot of work. Hand on heart, these products will make your summer days infinitely easier! Here are three Luvme products that you need in your beach bag for summer! 

1) Wet Dry Bag

I’m calling it… Luvme wet dry bags are the hero product this summer! I have about five of these and I still want more! They really are so handy—they trap in liquids and zip up easily. They’re a great roomy size and have handles that can attach to a pram or beach bag. I use a wet dry bag to store all the dry clothes to protect them from wet little hands rummaging through the beach bag. As soon as the wet, sandy togs come off, they go straight into a wet dry bag saving me the frustration of sand everywhere in my car. They are great for storing beach snack, goggles, sunscreen, and all the bits and bobs that you need for the beach. Wet dry bags make life so much easier—do yourself a favour and get one (or five!) for this summer!

Shop our Wet Dry Bags here.



2) Swim Nappy 

A Luvme swim nappy will be one of the best investments you make this summer! They are reusable and one size fits all (from 3-11 kilos) which makes them super versatile. No more spending money on disposable swim nappies! They are soft and comfy on bub, and dry quickly—ready for more fun in the sun!

Shop our Swim Nappies here.


3) Travel Size (20 pack) Wipes

I’m convinced that wipes are a must, always! Even though my kids are no longer babies, I use them all the time! The beach is no exception—a pack of baby wipes in the beach bag is something I can’t live without. Luvme 20 pack of wipes is the perfect size; it’s nice and light weight (because sometimes my beach bag feels like it weighs 20 kilos!) It also has a clip top to keep the wipes just the right level of moist. Our wipes are perfect for wiping sticky hands after watermelon, cleaning off excess sunscreen, and for just about anything!

Shop our Travel size wipes here.




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