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September 28, 2023 3 min read

Newly expecting mamas, this one is for you! Pregnancy is such an individual journey—it can look so different. There is no custom mould, and some typical pregnancy symptoms are things that you will never experience and others, will totally surprise you. It’s all normal—your body is doing exactly what it needs to.  Here’s some things about pregnancy that surprised me!


1. Not feeling any symptoms early can be normal!

With my first pregnancy, I didn’t have many pregnancy symptoms; they felt like period symptoms more than anything. I had heard that feeling sick was a sign that your baby was growing healthily, and when I didn’t feel these symptoms, I began to worry. My friend who was the same week as I was vomiting every day, and I barely felt pregnant.  I never really got morning sickness with that pregnancy and gave birth to a perfectly healthy boy. It did teach me early in the parenting game, that comparing just isn’t helpful!

2. Morning sickness is a lie.

It’s more like all day sickness! With my third pregnancy it got worse around dinner time… I spent all of the first trimester eating plain crackers and grapes for dinner because even the smell of food cooking would send me. You might not get morning sickness at all but be prepared that it can happen at any time of the day and that is totally normal!

3. Pregnancy hormones are more real than I ever expected.

I thought this was a side of pregnancy that everyone exaggerated but the emotions that came along with pregnancy was next level. I remember sobbing over a literal spilled glass of milk and because I couldn’t fit into my jeans. It’s a wild ride and the changes in hormones don’t help! You’re not crazy—give yourself extra grace.   


4. Maternity clothes are overrated.

My first pregnancy, I bought bump- specific, maternity clothes. They were expensive and honestly, a bit of a waste of money because I only really wore them for a few months while pregnant. I would recommend buying clothes that you love and that fit loosely, that can grow with you that you can wear after baby. The only exception was jeans; there’s just no way to fit a watermelon sized bump into regular size jeans! Cute matching sets (with button down tops for breastfeeding) and slip dresses with a bit of room were a better, longer-lasting investment.

5. Bleeding gums can happen.

I remember brushing my teeth and spiting a mouthful of blood into the sink and wondering what was happening! It is due to changes in hormones and is totally normal. 

6. How empowering and beautiful the process is!

I remember the very first time I saw my first baby in the 12-week scan and my mind was just blown! I cried as I watched him move on the screen and took in every perfect detail of his little body. It hit me then that my body was making a real live human! It helped me appreciate my body and all the changes that come along with pregnancy; all the stretching and growing was doing to create life.


Here’s what a few of our Luvme staff found surprising about pregnancy!

“I loved my pregnancies and felt amazing. Having no migraines was an added bonus, but I couldn’t believe how tired I was in the first trimester – so, so soooooooo tired!"

~ Nic


How incredible the human body is to be able to make another human and the new level of love and respect I got for myself and my body from the experience.”

~ Kendall


“What surprised me is how powerful and incredible I felt. It made me love and appreciate my body so much. Another thing that surprised me is how much my feet and hands swelled up hahah that was pretty funny.”

~ Kayla


“I loved being pregnant. What surprised me… how healthy I wanted to eat. I craved fruit.”

~ Tracy


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