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bamboo wipes $7.95 $4.99 Shop Now

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October 24, 2023 4 min read


Five Problems that Parents Face on the Regular (Hint: We have the solutions!) 

Parenting is the greatest gift but it’s no walk in the park!  The modern parent faces all kinds of challenges on a daily basis from stress, to being time poor, juggling home / work balance, societal pressures, etc. Each parent’s journey looks different but there do seem to be a few common problems that parents seem to be collectively facing. Thankfully, we’ve found answers for some of these issues! You might have 99 problems still, but these ones won’t be anymore!

1 | Dealing with Reccurring Nappy Rash

Nappy rash can be a real pain (pardon the pun!) A sore, red bottom is cause for a very cranky baby—nappy rash really is the worst! A baby’s skin is much more permeable than ours as adults, so any harsh chemicals can cause major irritation. Unfortunately, many baby products are packed full of hidden skin irritants that inflame already sensitive skin. Choosing natural, chemical-free products and finding a brand you can trust is the key to escaping reoccurring nappy rash! If you're after some more ways to say goodbye to nappy rash for good check out our journal entry on how to Cancel Nappy Rash here.

One of the pieces of feedback we hear the most at Luvme is that babies no longer get nappy rash when they switch to our products. Our wipes are completely fragrance-free, which is surprisingly hard to find! Fragrance is a known skin irritant so steering clear of fragrance in baby products means a much happier baby.  Our nappies are low-tox and contain no phthalates, dioxins, or fragrance.

2 | Leaky nappies

There is literally nothing worse than a nappy blow-out! Our nappies were designed by a team of mums who have been there through it all. Leak-proof nappies were a non-negotiable when it came to Luvme nappies. Our nappies have extra high, stretch waist bands to avoid poo explosions out the back and elastic double leg gussets to keep messes locked in. Our nappies can hold up to 1 litre of liquid, with the added dry-touch technology to ensure your little one isn’t going to wake up wet in the night. We both know that you need all the sleep you get!! 

Hot Tip: One way to ensure no leaking with Luvme nappies is to make sure your baby is the right size. If the nappy is too big or too small, leaks can occur. Check out our size guide here! Also make sure to fluff the leg gussets out as they are a defence force against leaks!

3 | Teeth Brushing Battles

Many parents identify that teeth brushing is one of the things they struggle with most! It’s a chore that’s easy to forget and one that kids often fight.

The Brushies change all of that! The Brushies are silicone (non-toxic and food grade) finger-puppet toothbrushes that make teeth brushing fun and easy for kids! They were developed by a psychologist and dentist to take the grunt work out of teeth brushing. They come with a colourful story book that explains why the Brushies need to fight the “sugar bugs.” The Brushies approach is that parents can engage their children through play and imagination using the finger puppets to make teeth brushing more effective and fun!

I have three kids and gave The Brushies a go a couple of years ago. I was sceptical but to my surprise, they worked! My kids loved using them and they really turned a chore into a fun moment of connection! I loved that my toddler could brush her teeth herself without poking her cheeks with a regular toothbrush.  If you struggle with teeth brushing in your home, give these little guys a go!

4 | Mess!

When I became a parent, I just couldn’t believe how something so cute and little could create such a mess! Spew, poo, crumbs, sticky hands—mess abounds when kids are around! The answer to all your mess woes is Luvme wipes… keep them everywhere! They are super-soft yet so strong to clean any mess. With no harsh chemicals or fragrance, they are safe to use on even the most sensitive skin.


Another great mess related product is our wet dry bags! They have an easy-to-use zip to lock in messes! They are perfect to put wet, sandy togs in after a beach day, or to lock in a spewy blanket or transport a smelly nappy when you can’t find a bin. Kids and mess just go hand in hand, but our wet dry bags are so handy to keep that mess locked in.


5 | Inconvenient Trips to the Shops For Nappies and Wipes

It’s a widely known fact that modern parents are time poor and often juggling lots of different things! Mum brain is a real thing (literally backed by science) and trying to stay on top of things can feel virtually impossible. Babies go through nappies and wipes like there’s no tomorrow and remembering to stay stocked up on these essentials can be a mission! Going the shops last minute is most often not a vibe (especially with little ones in tow!)  so give your exhausted brain a break by signing up for a Luvme subscription so you never have to think about running out of nappies and wipes! Set and forget so you’re not making any dreaded last-minute trips to the shops!

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