CLEARANCE SALE | Everything must go!


CLEARANCE SALE | Everything must go!


CLEARANCE SALE | Everything must go!

May 23, 2023 3 min read

We Chat Birth Empowerment with Doula and HypnoBirthing Educator, Meaghan Armor

Today we are so honoured to have the stunning Meaghan with us sharing about all things Birth. Meaghan, a doula for 30 years and HypnoBirthing educator, has a wealth of knowledge and experience as she’s supported Women through many peaceful Births.




What do you love most about Birth and how did you decide to dedicate your life to supporting Women in birth?

I love that Women find a part of themselves that they never knew before during Birth. Even after their first Birth & second. I have seen many Women surprise themselves with their strength & capability they never knew they had to bring their baby earth side. They faced fears & found the last little bit of mental focus & physical strength.

It was through being invited to my friend's Births when I was around 20 years of age, yes a Maiden, having not birthed a baby myself, before I knew the word Doula, that made me decide I wanted to dedicate myself to this life's work. It’s not every day you get to witness a miracle. A true privilege. 



Are you willing to share with us about your own Birth experience and what it has looked like in your journey?

I experienced Birth trauma during my first Birth when I was 24 & went on to heal my story with my second & third Births.

Reclaiming my boundaries, my voice & my Birth to retell my Birth story has been one of my favourite parts of my life. I love being able to hold that space for others.


We would love to learn more about HypnoBirthing and why you believe it is helpful for Birthing?

HypnoBirthing returns a Woman to her natural Birthing instincts. The techniques & philosophy invite her to reconnect to her wisdom. It is evidence based so plenty of backed research. Even if you have never done mediation or yoga HypnoBirthing techniques remind you that it is our natural pathway to sleep & deep relaxation that allow endorphins to rise potentially creating pain blocks. I have witnessed many "pain free Births'. 



If you could tell a pregnant Woman preparing to bring her baby earthside anything, what would you tell them?

I would remind her that nature has designed it to be a rite of passage to prepare her for motherhood so to believe in her ability, to fully trust her body & her baby & to invite her ancient wisdom in & follow the lead of her body.

Leave her mind aside except for positive mantras to herself. 

It is her body her Birth & her baby—no one else’s.


What are the top three things you recommend women to bring to their Birth?

The 3 things if we are talking tangible things:

  1. Banksia seed pods and Aromatherapy
  2. My Birth Botanicals
  3. My audio affirmations to listen to on repeat. Birth is 99% mindset.

You can find these products on Meaghan's website here.



What advice would you have for mothers moving through the postnatal journey?

The best advice for the postpartum period is to speak loud before Birth & call in what you need. If you don't know educate yourself on it & don't be afraid to ask for it all!

Ask a gf to speak for you if you can’t ask.

Stay in bed & be waited on like a queen that you are.

Keep your body warm with warm meals. Stay away from harsh environmental elements including loud noises & negative energy & bright lights.

Hire a postpartum Doula or student. Keep your visitors at a very small few faves, ones that will help you rather than expect a cup of tea from you. Postpartum is all about babe & mumma bonding & deep rest before she emerges into the community as a new version of herself.



Thank you, Meaghan, for sharing your wisdom with us!
You can find more about Meaghan 
via her website or Instagram.


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