CLEARANCE SALE | Everything must go!


CLEARANCE SALE | Everything must go!


CLEARANCE SALE | Everything must go!

June 22, 2023 2 min read


With the cost of living continuing to rise, more and more parents are turning to cloth nappies as a more affordable and eco-friendly option. Modern cloth nappies have come a very long way from the days of safety pins and terry towelling of the past. They are easy to use and surprisingly convenient! Here’s five reasons why cloth nappies are a win!



It’s impossible to deny that cloth nappies are more affordable than disposables! It’s actually pretty mind-blowing how much using cloth nappies could save you! Once we break down the math, you’ll see why.

Your baby will use approximately 6,000 nappies before they are toilet trained. The average disposable nappy costs $0.30 x 6,000= $1,800. Whaaaat!

There is the initial cost in investing in reusable cloth nappies but quickly, they pay for themselves. Including the initial cost of the cloth nappies (24 is recommended), electricity/water, and detergent, the average cost is around $800. That’s a saving of $1,000!

Because cloth nappies are long-lasting and reusable, the savings increases if you use the cloth nappies with subsequent children. By the second child, the nappies would have well and truly paid for themselves and all you would be paying for is the cost to wash the nappies. That’s a huge saving!


Eco Impact

Cost aside, there’s a deeper, more important reason to swap to cloth nappies. Our beautiful planet is facing a rising, global crisis—landfill! Nappies are the 3rd largest contributor to landfill and take 500 years to degrade. Two billion disposable nappies end up in landfill every year in Australia alone! Yikes. With 300,00 babies being born every year in Australia, this issue isn’t going away. Cloth nappies are part of the solution!

This calculator is really handy and will tell you exactly how many nappies you will save from going into landfill by using cloth.

Find out how many nappies you can prevent from entering landfill here 

For example, if you have one child who toilet trains at 2.5 years old and you choose to use cloth, you will have saved 5, 475 nappies from going to landfill! Little choices go a long way—what an incredible gift to our planet!


Gentle on baby’s skin

Cloth nappies are so soft and gentle on little bums. Imagine having the choice between wearing soft bamboo undies or plastic ones. I know what I would choose! Cloth nappies do not contain the chemicals that conventional disposable nappies do which means protection for that sensitive skin. Cloth nappies are comfy for bub and fit snuggly around their legs and waist, ensuring that there are no leaks.


Never Run Out of Nappies

Modern cloth nappies take more effort in some ways but they are so convenient in other ways! You will never run out of nappies and have to make dreaded dash to the shops to get nappies last minute! You’ll have all you need at home.



Luvme reusable cloth nappies are multi-fit and one nappy can fit from newborn up to toddler with the adjustable snaps. This reduces waste and is so practical! Cloth nappies can be used by one sibling and passed to another years later, increasing the savings. And just a side note: they are so super cute!

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