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bamboo wipes $7.95 $4.99 Shop Now

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bamboo wipes $7.95 $4.99 Shop Now

Pandas Nappies $18.95 $12.18 Shop Now

Trial Packs 60% Off | Shop Now

Luvme products are currently sold in health food stores, pharmacies, independent supermarkets, convenience stores and childcare centres all over Australia.


We are a plant-based, ethical, sustainable brand. We strive to have the safest, most highest performing eco products we can.

We choose responsibly sourced and regenerative plants. Bamboo is our hero ingredient when it comes to most of our eco products. It is naturally Organic, strong, absorbent, soft and is responsibly farmed. Dermatest approved.

Where Bamboo is not used we choose our preferred regenerative, fast-growing plants. Depending on the brand you will always get a quality, high performing eco-product.



Our pandas by Luvme nappies, not only are 85% plant-based and sustainable. Throughout our research and development of our pandas brand we wanted to lesson the plastic and create a performance based biodegradable nappy. Our Pandas nappies biodegrade in 60 days. Which is incredible compared to leading brands taking 500 years! Consumers are more aware of their environmental impact and we have seen an incredible incline of interest over the last 13 years, especially when it comes to safer alternatives.
Our Haléco by Luvme nappies, have been designed to be the highest plant-based eco-disposable nappy sold in mainstream supermarkets. We have created a super-slim 68% biodegradable nappy that outshines all competitors! Our Haléco nappies are also a bulk buy option to keep these nappies super competitive with price. Our super slim design is perfect for families not requiring the bulk.

The biodegradable components of our Pandas nappies as follows:



Pandas by Luvme has incredible absorption power. Dependant on nappy size we range from

700ml to 1.4L (From NB to Junior), That is an overall increase of 20% on absorbency.


We have added incredible Science to our nappies and by using our 360 degree technology, quilted inner-pad, double leg gussets and our 12 hour Touch-to-dry inner core, our nappy is more absorbent than ever before.



Luvme has been selling online for 13 years now. We have over 100,000 customers. Our Eco mums want to save postage and buy from retail stores!

Another way we do things differently at Luvme.

Our brand direction is continuously growing, with new products demanded by our customers currently in R&D.


Luvme has stands at baby and health Expos to help drive more customers to our stockists stores. With a dedicated sales team behind us.


Luvme will promote stockists on 3 social media pages to over 80,000 Eco Mums, add stockists details to website and also can feature stockists online and to our database as requested.  


Use the 'Contact' page to get in touch and we will be sure to discuss things further.


More than just a nappy



Our commitment to our retail partners extends beyond the delivery of typical baby and mother products. Regardless of partnership type, we continue to hold supporting activity to drive increased awareness, consideration and of course sales.

Our belief in our excellent product delivered in a consistent and compelling manner allows us to create a bit of envy amongst retailers and customers alike. We leverage the clarity of our brand to ensure our products move through our retail partnership networks seamlessly.

Luvme Eco is looking for global stockists if you are that company looking for a premium baby and mother range contact us now.