We pride ourselves on creating the most Natural Nappy we can. Our nappies contain no lotions, no fragrances, no bleach, no nasties. No plastic touches your baby’s skin. Our nappies are 85% plant-based materials. Our back-sheet is 100% bamboo fibre. 

Yes, our nappies have been tested by Dermatest, a world leading research Institute in Germany specialising in skin patch testing. Pandas by Luvme nappies have received the highest test result possible, certified with Excellence. All our products are tested to be safe for even the most sensitive delicate skin.

Pandas by Luvme is always looking at ways to help our environment. A regular disposable nappy takes 500 years to biodegrade, our nappies depending on the size of the nappy takes on average 60 days to biodegrade up to 120 days. This is for the elements of the nappies that are biodegradable.

There is no disposable nappy on the market in Australia or overseas that is 100% biodegradable. Our Pandas by Luvme nappies are over 85% biodegradable which is the highest we can get to without losing the comfort, performance and usability of our nappies.

Pandas by Luvme are 85% compostable. We recommend following your State and Councils’ instructions. Dispose in your normal bin and the nappy will still decompose in 60 - 120 days.

Yes, we do! Our eco bamboo wipes are 100% bamboo fibre and are completely biodegradable and compostable.

So are our eco plant wipes.

So is our 100% bamboo back-sheet on our nappies. We think that is pretty special!

Most  Panda eco packaging is all biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Pandas by Luvme’s outer packaging is made from more than 70% plant-based, renewable and sustainable materials. FSC approved craft paper. Please consider your environmental impact by disposing of responsibly.

Yes, our wipes are home compostable. Can be eaten by worms within the 30 days and very healthy for the plants.

Landfill sites are getting much better in their designs with stricter regulations. Each individual landfill site is different and can affect how quickly or long our nappy takes to breakdown like any other rubbish. The levels of oxygen present or not present can vary as each site can be managed differently. Rubbish can be circulated with machinery to ensure degradation is occurring and things like vermin and bacteria found at landfill sites will also help to break down nappies. Some of these newer sites promote biodegradation through injecting water, oxygen and microbes.

It is an important fact that a product you dispose of that contains mostly biodegradable ingredient such as our products then it will break down much faster compared to a conventional baby nappy and products full of plastics. Our Pandas by Luvme pull ups and nappies are also made from bamboo which naturally is biodegradable fibre making our Pandas by Luvme eco-disposables and pull ups greater than 85% biodegradable.

We do recommend disposing your nappies in the rubbish bin. However, if you live quite remote and live on acreage, you can bury the nappies and they will still decompose within 120 days.

Important note: You must remove the elements of the nappy that are not biodegradable prior to burying the nappies. We do not recommend using the soil you have buried the nappies in, as fertilizer. Human waste is full of bacteria and would not be safe should you use the soil in your veggie garden.

Please ensure that you remove the tabs, the gusset around the legs and the frontal tape. The nappy is then able to be composted.

Our eco bamboo wipes are made from 100% natural bamboo. Our eco plant wipes are made from natural plant pulp fibres (mixed). The liquid ingredients are the same.

You can find more information under our 'LEARN' tab on the website.

Great Question, our Haleco range are manufactured using plant based materials and are 68% biodegradable. Our Pandas are 85% Biodegradable and are manufactured using Bamboo materials.

You can find a comparison chart under the 'Learn' tab for further information.

We use Japanese Soybean amino acid which is completely natural.

Yes, our wipes have been tested by Dermatest, a world leading research Institute in Germany specialising in skin patch testing. Luvme eco Wipes have received the highest test result possible, certified with Excellence. All our products are tested to be safe for even the most sensitive delicate skin.

This is absolutely true. No NASTIES in any Luvme products. We always work towards bringing out more new and innovative products and NO NASTIES is our number one NEED when producing new products.

Bamboo is 3 times more absorbent than cotton. It’s naturally hypoallergenic making it perfect on sensitive skin. It doesn’t use chemicals or pesticides to grow and is 100% biodegradable.

All Luvme eco wipes are manufactured proudly in an off-grid facility in New Zealand.

Pandas by Luvme are New Zealand designed, but made in PRC. We are working with our manufacturers to produce our nappies in New Zealand, off-grid just like our wipes.

Our bamboo flushable liners are not suitable for septic as there are different types of septic systems. We can’t guarantee this. The liners are not as thin as tissue paper and are stronger than tissue. You can however put them in your compost bin.

Our bamboo wet wipes are biodegradable and compostable but are not flushable as they would need to be thin like tissue to be able to flush. Our wet wipes are soft yet super strong and would not be suitable for flushing.

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Please bear in mind that we re-use our boxes where possible, and we will often place loose items inside a nappy or wipes box. if you find that you have received a box that contains items you definitely did not order, seal the box without opening any packages or breaking any seals, and contact our team so we can assist you.

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We sure can!

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If a parent or carer is using a disposable swim nappy, we must be aware as soon as the disposable swim nappy hits the water the gel inside this disposable nappy is released into the water and the baby is swallowing these gel particles.

A swim nappy is great for the environment as it is reusable and eco-friendly. Pandas by Luvme reusable swim nappies are washable, quick-drying and adjustable and are a great way to save the environment and money. Our swim nappies can be used from baby to toddler.

Our Luvme swim nappies are designed for catching number 2's as they are lined with a mesh. You don’t need to purchase an insert as they are not designed to catch the liquid, instead it will flow through.

Flush any number 2s from the soiled resusable swim nappy.

Rinse the nappy and place in the nappy bucket.

Wash within 2 days.

Soaking is not recommended.

Soaking agents can damage the waterproof coating.

Do not wash in hot water as this can damage the waterproof coating.

Line dry is best.

Warning: Do not wash in hot or warm water and do not use the dryer

Haleco nappies are 68% plant based. Plant based means made from plant material. This is viscose nonwovens which is non specified plant material from things like bamboo and trees. It can be several types of trees from the forestry.

Polyester or plastic are the remaining materials. This would be the plastic tabs, leg gussets, waist band and wetness indictor.

Please make sure you are storing your products correctly. Wet wipes-Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight. Make sure you clip the lid down securely to keep wet wipes from drying out. Keep package out of reach of babies and children. We cannot take responsibility of your products deteriorating if not cared for correctly.