Award-Winning, Earth-Conscious NDIS Approved Nappies

Luvme is a close-knit, Australian family-run business that has been successfully leading in the eco baby product sphere over the last 14 years. Trusted and loved by families and childcare centres all over Australia, we are thrilled to announce that Luvme nappies are now fully funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Luvme's award-winning, earth-conscious nappies are fully recognised and approved by the NDIS.

NDIS Approved Nappies For All Families

We feel incredibly excited that our low-tox, ultra-luxe nappies will be available to NDIS-registered candidates all over Australia. Knowing that NDIS families can purchase our premium products using NDIS funding is a huge accomplishment for our brand. As a NDIS-approved shop, Luvme can help families provide their loved ones with the best performing incontinence products on the market.


Luvme nappies were thoughtfully designed by a team of mums with your little one in mind! They are super-absorbent, leak-proof, and eco-friendly - truly a nappy you can trust! Our nappies are free of chemicals, fragrances, latex, bleach, formaldehyde, and alcohol; we understand the importance of gentle products for sensitive, inflammation-prone skin.

Multi-Award Winning NDIS Nappies for Your Newborn & Toddler

We have two ranges of award-winning, eco nappies - Pandas and Haléco both of which will be available to NDIS-registered candidates. Our nappy range is versatile; our NDIS-approved shop has nappies sized newborn to toddler (3-16 kilos.)

Pandas NDIS Nappies

Pandas was our first range of luxe eco-disposable nappies. They are super kind to the earth and are 85% biodegradable. The core ingredient we use in Pandas nappies is bamboo; it's luxuriously soft against your little one's delicate skin and also hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. Bamboo is naturally moisture-wicking and super-absorbent which means less moisture on your little one's skin, minimising nappy rash! Panadas nappies have an ultra-protect, stretchy high waistband as well as double elastic leg gussets that keep leaks in. Our nappies have a 360-degree core which means extra protection and a trustworthy nappy! Pandas come in pull-ups up which many parents find incredibly handy as their little ones grow.

Haléco NDIS Nappies

We created our Haléco range to provide a slightly more affordable (roughly 20 cents cheaper per nappy) but still top-performing nappy. The main difference in the two nappies is that Haléco is made with plant-based fibres and doesn't have a fully bamboo back sheet, which makes them 68% biodegradable. Haléco nappies are super soft and made for your little one's ultimate comfort. The side tabs are "S" shaped and create a comfortable fit that decreases the risk of tabs cutting in. The handy wetness indicator makes it easy to see when the baby needs to be changed. The five-layer inner core is super-absorbent and can hold up to 900 litres of liquid!

Premium & Top Performing Nappy Ranges Available to All NDIS Registered Candidates

We're pleased that both our Pandas and Haléco nappy ranges will be accessible to you, as a NDIS registered candidate. Our work isn't finished in the NDIS sphere! Luvme is in the process of the research and development phase of creating a larger range of NDIS approved incontinence products with the hopes of adding to the size range that we offer. Luvme is looking forward to supporting you by providing you with our premium, top-performing nappies.

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