NDIS Funding Plans

Self Managed Plan

If you are a self-managed NDIS participant, place an order and you will be emailed an invoice that you can claim payment on from the NDIS.


If you are a plan-managed participant, place your order and provide us with the email address of your plan manager when you fill out this NDIS form. We'll send the invoices to them for processing.

Agency Managed

If you are an agency-managed participant, place your order and provide your plan details by filling out this NDIS form.

Order using NDIS Funding

You can order Luvme products using NDIS funding using 4 easy steps:

  1. Select Products: Select and add your desired products to your shopping cart.
  2. Checkout: Click checkout as you would with any other online purchase.
  3. Select NDIS as payment method: In the payment step during checkout, select NDIS Payment as your payment method. If you are paying and then claiming reimbursement from the NDIS, then you'll need to pay using one of the other payment methods, from our perspective this doesn't appear like an NDIS order.
  4. Fill out form: When the order is placed, you are prompted to fill out this NDIS form to let us know the NDIS payment instructions. You will only ever need to fill out this form on your first order.