Recycled Nappy Box Craft: Pizza Edition

November 21, 2023


Not only are our nappies so luxe and super absorbent, but the box they come in is so handy! Here’s a craft to keep your little ones entertained for more than five seconds! Turn that leftover nappy box into a pizza oven! Let your cutie practice their fine motor skills by using a glue stick and adding the toppings and their little imaginations will take them away. So much fun!  


2 x Haleco Nappy boxes  


Box Cutter or Scissors 

1 x Small Plate (to trace pizza circle)  

Glue Stick  

Paint (to paint your pizza oven and get creative! Optional)  

Shades of red, green and yellow paper/cardboard to make pizza toppings!  


Make your pizza oven:

1 | Tape the nappy box closed.  

2 | Cut an arch out of the nappy box to make an opening in the pizza oven.

3 | Cut out the shape of a pizza paddle with the other box.  

4 | Cut out circles to make the pizzas.   

5 | Create pizza toppings out of paper and cardboard.  

6 | Paint pizza oven (optional)  

7 | Let your little one use a glue stick to stick the toppings on the cardboard circles.  

8 | Enjoy playing with your little pizza chef!  


I was surprised by how much my little girl, who is four now, loved this craft. She loved painting the box and helping make the toppings then gluing everything else on. And the fun didn’t stop there! Mae and her big brothers set up a pizza shop complete with a menu and cash register. They got lost in their imaginations for way longer than I expected. I woke up the next morning to the sound of them happily playing pizza shop—it’s a miracle!  

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