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In theory, changing nappies should be a straightforward process but every parent knows that it’s often not the case! When they are newborns it looks like blow outs and dodging a stream of wee. When they are toddlers, it can feel like wrestling a crocodile! Here’s a few hacks you may or may not know to make the whole process a little smoother!  
The nappy wetness indicator on the nappy saves you the guess work! The wetness indicator will turn blue, indicating that it is time to change your baby’s nappy!  
Get non-tox nappies to keep nappy rash at bay! Conventional disposable nappies have chemicals in them that are proven irritants that will inflame that sensitive baby skin. Our natural, non-tox nappies  are way more gentle on skin!  
Make sure to fluff the leg gussets! The what?! Those little elastic sides need to be fluffed out so they can do their job and keep liquids in. This will mean less blow outs! 
Keep nappies and wipes handy! Have a few little baskets with wipes and nappies around the house so you have easy access to change those messy nappies that need to be dealt with ASAP!  
Tuck those little arms in! As your baby grows and gets more curious with their hands, one easy hack is to tuck your baby’s hands into their onesie to keep them from touching anything unhygienic!  
Place a washer (our bamboo ones are so soft) on top of your little boy’s bits during nappy change time to make sure that your guy doesn’t spray you in the face! This has happened to me when my boys were newborns and it’s not a pleasant experience!  
Biodegradable nappy bags are the key! Sometimes you need to just seal in the shocking smell of a nappy (um how can someone so cute and so small create such a stench!?) but make sure to use a biodegradable bag. Even an eco nappy like ours will not be able to biodegrade properly if it’s wrapped in a layer of plastic.  
Position matters! Make sure boy bits are pointed down! I learned this lesson the hard way when my little boy kept wetting through his nappy and pjs every night. Once we resolved that, we were back to dry, restful nights!  
Nappy change is a perfect chance to connect with your baby. It’s easy to view it as a chore but it’s an opportunity to make eye contact, sing silly songs, and tickle that squishy belly.   

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September 05, 2023

Another little handy hint is to “ruffle” the nappy in your hands slightly to break up the bamboo fibres making them even more absorbent and comfortable for the wearer ❤️

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