January 02, 2024 2 min read


We’re pretty passionate about quality here at Luvme! One question we have gotten over the last 14 years of running Luvme is why our nappies are more expensive than other nappy brands. We’re going to tackle that question today! Spoiler alert… we can tell you quite confidently (and only a little biased) that our nappies are worth the little bit of extra coin!  

1 | You can’t put a price on comfort.  

Our nappies have been custom crafted for you little one’s ultimate comfort! If you have ever touched a Luvme nappy, you’ll know it’s a difference you can feel. They are so buttery soft on even the most sensitive newborn skin! The waist bands on our nappies are super stretchy and sit snuggly against bub’s squishy tummy. Our nappies have double leg gussets that are made of soft elastic, to keep leaks in.

Ultimately, a comfortable baby sleeps better and is happier… and we’re pretty sure that every parent would pay a little bit extra for this! 


2 | You’ll save in other areas!  

By spending a little more on Luvme products, you save in other areas!

I remember when I had my first son nine years ago, he had super sensitive skin and battled nappy rash constantly. I didn’t know then that the chemicals in the nappies and wipes that I was buying was most likely causing the painful rash on his bottom. I spent a fortune on nappy creams… if only I had Luvme nappies then! Our wipes and nappies do not contain harsh chemicals that irritate sensitive skin. By using quality, top-performing products, you won’t have to buy extra creams and products and even avoid trips to the doctor. Choosing Luvme will save you money and spare your little one unnecessary pain! Find out more on how you can cancel nappy rash for good with these top tips.


3 | You’ll have less mess to deal with!  

Luvme nappies are top performing in every area and are ones you can trust! Blowouts are the worst and the last thing you need as a busy parent is more washing due to poopy blowouts. Using quality Luvme nappies can prevent the need for extra laundry, additional clothing changes, and potential expenses related to cleaning supplies and stain removers. The waist band is super stretchy and high on Luvme nappies, to make sure there is zero up the back poo explosions because those are the worst. Our nappies are ultra-absorbent! Because both our Haleco and Panda nappies absorb up to 900ml of liquid, they will keep your little one dry all night which means more precious sleep for you and less washing due to leaks! We've thought of every detail when designing our nappies, read more about our nappies here.

Choosing quality products that have been designed with your little one in mind just makes sense! Check out our eco-friendly, top performing range here!

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