April 03, 2023 2 min read

Today we have the privilege of hearing from, Kayla Gane, a local mama and daughter of Kendall, our Luvme Eco founder. Kayla is mum to an adorable blue-eyed, dimple-cheeked toddler named Vera and a businesswoman who co-runs Chaii Living with her partner, Connor. Kayla leads a beautiful, family-focused life and has so much gold to share. Let’s dive in!

Kayla Jane JournalKayla Jane JournalKayla Jane Journal

To get to know you a little bit, can you tell us Kayla, what’s one thing that makes you feel alive?

Ocean swims for sure! With the whole family!

We love following along on your socials and watching Vera grow. She’s just a delight! How has motherhood changed you?

In so many ways…it’s definitely made me slowwww down, which I love! It’s also made me appreciate time with people so much more.

Kayla Jane JournalKayla Jane JournalKayla Jane Journal

That newborn phase might seem like a blur now but what would you say are your top three newborn essentials that you couldn’t have lived without?

Good nappies! Pandas Not just saying this to boast but having good nappies definitely eases the pressures of newborn days (not as many poop explosions haha) and no nappy rash! A white noise machine and silver nipple shields saved my nipples!

Motherhood sure has its ups and downs, doesn’t it? What has been the hardest part of motherhood and how did you deal with it?

Not having much time to myself and to spend on my businesses! I’ve definitely had to take a step back from doing as much in my business, which has definitely been the biggest struggle, but on the flipside I absolutely love being a mama and spending the days with Vera. Also, some days the sleep is hard! Haha

Being a busy mum and creative, how do you not lose yourself in it all?

It’s definitely a juggle I think being comfortable in the uncomfortable moments is key — I’m only just learning to do this! Also just being okay that the to-do list will never be done! :)


Kayla Jane JournalKayla Jane JournalKayla Jane Journal

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Kayla. We know what you shared will resonate with so many mamas.

If you loved hearing from Kayla and want to see more of her journey, you can follow Kayla and her family on her instagram at @kaylaaaelieee 




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