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October 12, 2023 4 min read


Luvme was founded on the principle of love and nothing makes us happier than being able to give back! We just have to say that this isn’t a “look at us” kind of thing—we just wanted to highlight ways that we have found to be kind in our community and that we hope that you’ll be inspired to spread love where you can.
Here’s a few of our favourite ways that we love giving back!

Baby Give Back

Baby Give Back is a local organisation that helps families in crisis, providing them with the essentials they need. Baby Give Back believe every child deserves a safe start in life and this is what their heart centres around. They provide donations (like nappies and wipes and gently used prams, cots, car seats, toys etc) via social service agencies.


We love the way Baby Give Back is helping practically and restoring dignity to families who are doing it tough. Donating our nappies and wipes to families who need them most through Baby Give Back is a joy! Our warehouse in Chinderah is a drop off point for people to donate baby items to Baby Give Back. If you live local and have any gently used baby products you can drop them off at:

1/16 Naru Street Chinderah 2487 and we will get them to Baby Give Back!

To find out more about Baby Give Back and the incredible work they do visit

Follow them on Instagram @babygiveback

Fred’s Place

Fred's Place is a shelter for the homeless in Tweed connected to St Vincent de Paul Society. Their mission is enable those without homes to feel welcome and safe. Homelessness has increased in our area greatly, especially with the 2021 floods. Since then the lack of housing has become a growing concern in the Northern Rivers. Fred’s place sees 80-125 people looking for help and serves up to 200 meals every day! They also provide shelter, laundry, and shower services. Fred’s Place provides a very needed avenue of help in our community!

We have been moved by the help that Fred’s Place gives our community’s most vulnerable. As Luvme staff we provide home-cooked, hot meals to Fred’s place. It’s a special way that we can be involved in helping some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

If you would like to find out more information about Fred’s place go to:

Local Aboriginal Women’s Refuge

There is a local shelter that helps Indigenous women who are fleeing domestic violence. We will not share any names for privacy reasons but the help that is provided at this refuge is incredibly important. This refuge is helping women establish lives outside of unhealthy relationships which means they and their children can live safely.

Our heart truly goes out to vulnerable women who are trying to escape very difficult situations. We can only imagine how scary and intimidating it must feel to start over from scratch. It is our honour to donate nappies and wipes to provide a bit of practical help to these mums and children who are in need.

Agape Outreach

Agape Outreach is a charity organisation making a difference in the lives of hurting, broken and disenfranchised people in the Tweed area. They believe in the value and beauty of each and every person, regardless of their life situation. Two hundred volunteers are a part of running Agape and it is truly changing the community!

Agape operates between Byron Bay on the North Coast of New South Wales and Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast in Queensland, providing over 800 hot meals every week to vulnerable people on the streets and a range of different services. They provide showers, housing, fruit and veggie hampers, laundry services, drug and alcohol groups, training classes, and more!


We love seeing love in action and Agape is just that! We are grateful that we can partner with Agape by donating our food and nappies.

To be involved in helping with Agape outreach or to learn more visit:

Gardn Church

Every year, Gardn Church puts together Christmas hampers to bless families in need in our local area. These hampers are filled with special Christmas treats and staple items so that no family has to go without in a season of celebration. These hampers are assembled, wrapped, and delivered all by hand and with a smile.


We love to be physically involved when possible! Many of our Luvme staff help pack and distribute these hampers. We bring our kids along for the journey because it’s special to show our children that helping others is important. We also donate nappies and wipes that are added to the hampers. 

Find out more how you can be involved here:

Follow them on Instagram @gardnchurch

Random Acts of Kindness 

Random acts of kindness are simply little things that brighten someone else’s day! It’s amazing how something simple can bring light and positivity to those around us. This a great resource for all things related to Random Acts of Kindness and lots of great ideas how you can do this in your day to day!

This is one of our favourite ways to be generous! Luvme love to gift extra nappies and wipes to customers at random. The smiles on their faces are priceless!

There are so many ways to get involved in helping your local community! We hope you feel inspired to look at these organisations and see how you can be involved. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about how you can get involved with these incredible charities. Our work isn’t done yet—helping others will always be something that Luvme prioritises. We’re always looking for ways to partner with local organisations to provide essentials to those around us who need it most. Luvme has so much more love to give our beautiful community!

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