December 21, 2023 3 min read

It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas represents peace, love, joy, connection, and generosity. It’s all the things we hope to embody as a brand… the Christmas spirit all year round is our aim! We’re not sure what this year has looked like for you and if it has been a tough one, we want you to know that our hearts are with you. Not in cheesy, throw away comment kind of way, but in a genuine, warm way because we really do care. We are right there with you…Luvme is a close knit, family run business and this year has had its ups (staff and business growth) and downs (massive delays in stock) too. We pray that through the ups and downs that you’ve been able to find joy in the little things and have a sense of peace in your heart in this Christmas season.  

As a new year approaches, we wanted to take the time to reflect on the four pillars that Luvme was built on and what that’s looked like this year. If you’re new to Luvme, this will give you a sense of who we are and what we stand for!  


 Our Luv for Family 

Luvme was started by a mother-daughter duo (Laurie and Kendall) over 14 years ago and we’re a family business to the core! Laurie has passed away now but we (Craig and Kendall) continue to work together to keep the eco nappy dream alive! Our daughter, Kayla, is part of our marketing team and our granddaughter, Vera, often sits on GiGi’s (Kendall) lap during meetings. Luvme’s growth last year has meant that we have been able to employ five new staff members this year! They are a part of our family and we are so thankful to have a team who helps us achieve our goals and dreams at Luvme. When you choose Luvme, you’re supporting local families.   

Our Luv for Our Earth 

Taking care of our planet and leaving a better earth for future generations will always be our goal at Luvme. Our partially biodegradable eco nappies are saving so much waste that would otherwise be sitting in landfill! The biodegradable elements of our nappies take two years to biodegrade which is significantly less than the 500 years that conventional nappies take. Our wipes are 100% biodegradable and compostable, leaving no footmark on the beautiful globe we call home. We’ve added some new reusable products this year! Our reusable range is sustainable and durable, reducing the need for single use products. When you choose Luvme, you’re making a responsible choice that will help provide a more sustainable planet for your children to enjoy.   

Our Luv for our Customers  

You have always been and always will be our top priority! Adding ease to the rollercoaster that is parenting by providing trustworthy baby products is our goal. We care about what you think and love your feedback! In fact, that’s how our Haleco range was born. You told us that you loved our Pandas nappies but wanted something slightly more affordable so we created our premium, top-performing plant based Haleco nappies. We understand the impact that harsh chemicals can have on vulnerable little bodies, so we use no nasties in our products. This helps avoid painful nappy rash; our nappies and wipes are so gentle on the most sensitive skin.  Our heart is for all families, and in 2023, we were accredited by NDIS and can now offer our nappies and wipes to families! We have your best interest at heart and by choosing Luvme, you’re choosing a brand that truly cares about you and your little ones!  


 Our Luv for our Products  

We’re a team of mums who carefully have designed our products to be ultra luxe, reliable time after time, and to make your life easier! So much detail and care has been put into every product like nappies that won’t leak overnight (meaning you get more sleep!) and fragrance-free wipes that open easily one handed and won’t cause nappy rash. Just to name a few! We are always growing and developing our products to be the best they can be. Keep your eyes peeled in 2024 for lots of new Luvme products—we’re so excited to show you what we have been up to! When you choose Luvme, you’ll know that we are always working hard to provide the very best products for your little ones!   

Our hearts are filled with so much gratitude as we think of the year that was. Thank you for coming on the journey with us—we are so thankful for you!  All of us here at Luvme wish you and your cute little fam a very Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!  


Kendall, Craig, and the team at Luvme xx  

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