July 06, 2023 1 min read


Can you believe that your sweet baby that grew inside you is now in your arms? It’s such a surreal, wonderful feeling. It’s like getting to know a tiny human that you’ve somehow known all along. They are complex, adorable, confusing little bundles. Here’s seven facts that might help you get to know your little one better!


1 | Your baby knows your voice. They have spent the last nine months soaking in your voice and can distinguish yours from others. How incredible!

2 | Red eyebrows and hiccups are often a sign that your baby is overtired.

3 | Newborns don’t cry real tears until around three weeks old.


4 | Your baby can only see objects in front of them, approximately 20-38 cm. They can only see shades of grey, black, and white. Their eyesight develops better around 3 months.

5 | Your sweet little babe will go through approximately 7,000 nappies by the time they are toilet trained! Holy moly! (A good reason to invest in non-toxic nappies!)


6 | A good rule of thumb (pun intended!) is that if your newborn has fists clenched, they might still be hungry. A full, content baby will often have relaxed hands.

7 | A newborns stomach on day 1 is only the size of a cherry. Suddenly the frequent feeds make sense! 


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