Subscription FAQ

How can I edit my subscription?
Great news, we have a step-by step guide located below! 
I'm trying to edit my subscription, and it says my account does not exist?
Upon creating a subscription, you will need to create an account on the website. Creating a subscription does not create an account. Until the account has been created on the website, you will not be able to edit your order.
I want to cancel my subscription 
No problem at all, if you're feeling a little overwhelmed or worried about your cash flow, you can skip your subscription at any time. Your order will be sent out on your next date requested!
I added a code to my subscription and it didn't work.
Can you please assist?
We sure can, please note that discount codes are not available for our Subscriptions, these orders are already discounted so by subscribing, you're already saving a whopping 25%!
How great is that!?
See images below for step-by-step instructions
Creating an account and logging in
Step 1:

Click to create an account by selecting the icon 2nd in from the right on the top left. Once you have created an account and confirmed your email. Click to login by selecting the icon 2nd in from the right on the top left.

Step 2: 
Once you have opened your account. It will automatically bring up your order history. Select the 'My Subscriptions' text under the Order History header to access your other account details.
Step 3:

This is where you will be able to check, edit, change or add any products or changesto your information.

-What you have subscribed to

-Delivery schedule

-Purchase history

-Shipping addresses


This is your Subscription Dashboard. From here you can see your current subscriptions, the frequency and the products in your subscription!
To change the date on an order
PLEASE NOTE: The application will not accept same-day processing. You must give a minimum of 24hrs notice when changing the date on your order.
Adding products in your order.
Just select from the 'Toss this in' panel in your dashboard.
Need to Cancel Your Subscription?
Please select Cancel Subscription
You will be able to see the dates for your next shipment. You can skip your shipments in this Dashboard should you require! 
If you want to add more items to your subscription, please bear in mind that any products that are not a subscription product, will not include the 25% discount. 
TERMS and CONDITIONS using our subscriptions:
IMPORTANT: . Subscriptions are excluded for any discount codes that are offered during our promotions and discounts from our rewards program. Free shipping over $150 for subscriptions may exclude some areas.

Discount Codes

Please note any first time subscribers using a discount code, this will be for the first subscription and ongoing 25% off thereafter.