Subscription FAQ

How can I edit my subscription?
Great news, we have a step-by step guide located below! 
I'm trying to edit my subscription, and it says my account does not exist?
Upon creating a subscription, you will need to create an account on the website. Creating a subscription does not create an account. Until the account has been created on the website, you will not be able to edit your order.
I want to cancel my subscription but it won't let me?
No problem at all, if you're feeling a little overwhelmed or worried about your cash flow, pause your subscription at any time. You can resume your order whenever you're ready!
If you're sure you want to cancel, please send an enquiry to our friendly team and they can assist you.
I added a code to my subscription and it didn't work. Can you please assist?
We sure can, please note that discount codes are not available for our Subscriptions, these orders are already discounted so by subscribing, you're already saving a whopping 20%!
How great is that!?
See images below for step-by-step instructions:
Create an account
Step 1:
head to the panel in the top right corner of the website. this shape will be the outline of a person.
Step 2: 
Create an account on the Luvme website. Make sure you use the same email you used to create your subscription, otherwise it won't be available on your profile.
Accessing your subscription
Step 1:
once you have created an account, head to the 'My subscriptions' panel to view your current subscriptions.
Now you can see your current subscriptions and the products in your subscription!
As you will see, highlighted in blue you can edit the frequency of your order, and you can edit the date for your next order. 
To change the date on an order
Step 1:
 To change the date on an order, head to the 'edit future order' panel (pictured above). once you have clicked on this panel, you will see the below screenshot. select the date you wish your next order to come out, and you can choose to update all future orders, or just this one.
PLEASE NOTE: The application will not accept same-day processing. You must give a minimum of 24hrs notice when changing the date on your order.
Update the frequency
Step 1:
Click on "change frequency" highlighted below.
Step 2:
Upon selecting 'change frequency', you will then see the screen below, you can then update the frequency of your orders.
Swapping products in your order.
Step 1: 
When you're ready to upgrade the sizing in your subscription, you should find a 'swap product' panel under 'products in my subscription'. Click on 'swap product' and you will find the other subscription listings will be displayed below.
Step 2:
Once you have chosen your selected product, select the variant you require and select 'swap product'. this will then update your subscription so you will receive that selected size from now on.
Upon swapping your products successfully, you should see the screenshot below confirming the change.
How to add more items to your subscription
Step 1: In order to update your quantity should you require more boxes, head to the 'Edit' panel circled.
Step 2: 
In order to receive more boxes, just update the quantity in the box below, and you will receive that quantity in your next subscription.
Please note:
 If you have one subscription active, and you would like to add an additional box of nappies but a different size, you will need to create a new subscription for that particular size. we cannot add these items to your order as they will not include the 20% discount. 
if you scroll further down to "manage upcoming orders" you will be able to see the dates for your next shipment. You can skip your shipments and also pause your orders in this panel should you require! 
View inactive subscriptions.
If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will be able to view and inactive subscriptions. You can also renew these at your convenience. how good is that!?
If you want to add more items to your subscription, please bear in mind that any products that are not a subscription product, will not include the 20% discount. 
We cannot add one-time purchases such as wet dry bags or cloth nappies to your subscription.
Please purchase these items separately.
TERMS and CONDITIONS using our subscriptions:
IMPORTANT: Please note cancellations are only permitted after receiving your second order. 
 Please note subscriptions are excluded for any discount codes that are offered during our promotions.