Pandas Backup HC 18 Mar '21

  1. Biodegradable – We help reduce landfill and leaving a better earth to our children.

  2. Bamboo & Plant-Based – Perfect for children with skin allergies and sensitive skin – now 1 in 5 have eczema under the age of 2.

  3. Price – We keep our pandas affordable for a premium organic bamboo biodegradable product

  4. Unisex– Our nappies are for boys and girls. Keeping the choice easy for everyone.

  1. Utra-Protect Waistband

The waist band provides the stretch in your nappy, it is stronger and higher to avoid any spillages and to ensure a better fit. The new Pandas by Luvme waist band sits higher on the waist.  This helps to avoid spillages and poo explosions as well as leakages. To fit the nappy properly, please lay baby on the nappy, making sure it is wrapping around their waist. Don’t pull the side tabs to stretch and apply the tab to the nappy, rubbing the side tabs with your thumbs to secure.


  1. S-Shape Side Tabs

The S shape side tab we now have is a comfortable ease-of-use side tab that you don’t stretch to fit. We ultimately wanted the most eco nappy we could have, which means reducing the plastic in the nappy and therefore we removed the plastic from the original stretchier side tabs. When putting on the new nappy rub your thumbs over the side tabs to lock in. No over stretching is needed to fit the nappy perfectly.


  1. 360 Degree Absorb-Pad

The 360-degree absorption means your baby girl or boy can wet the nappy knowing that whichever way it lands it is instantly absorbed. This makes Pandas by Luvme the perfect unisex nappy. We have now Embossed the inner lining to help track leaks. Keeping sensitive areas dry and free of moisture.


  1. 12-Hour Moisture Lock

Our pandas by Luvme nappy has a 12 hour touch-to-dry technology this helps sensitive areas from feeling and being moist. It deters the moisture from irritating your babies sensitive areas. The perfect overnight companion.


  1. Extra Thick Bamboo Outer Cover

We use Natural Bamboo to add that extra softness and durability to our nappies. Bamboo helps us achieve our absorbency and no leak through. Bamboo is naturally absorbent making it the no brainer hero to our incredible nappy performance.


  1. Wetness Indicator

Simple and effective, one of our strong standing elements to our nappies has been our wetness indicator. During our research and development phases this was one of the most asked for items. Quickly and easily know when your bub needs changing.


  1. New Nappy Sizes

Our nappy sizes have changed. We did this so we could cater for premmie babies as well as those first few weeks, with less gap in sizing for the older sizes. This ensures leakages are not a problem. Nappy fit is important to stop any leakages. A loose fitted nappy, lower on the babies body is not correct. It needs to be pulled up to the waist area. We have the stretch in the waist-band so it is comfortable for baby.


  1. No Nasties

Pandas by Luvme nappies are 85% Plant-Based, dermatologically tested, free from latex, chlorine, fragrance, dioxins and other nasty chemicals. No plastics or chemicals will touch your babies skin, only plant based materials. This makes Pandas by Luvme the sensible choice for sensitive and delicate skin.


  1. 85% Plant Based

Pandas by Luvme nappies are made from sustainable FSC approved forests. We only use sustainable and renewable materials to manufacture our nappies. We choose renewable energy for our production, and by offsetting our carbon footprint, we are always working to leave a better earth to our future generations.


  1. 20% More Absorbent

Pandas by Luvme nappies are more absorbent than ever. Depending on your babies nappy size, our absorbency ranges from an impressive 700ml to 1.4L (From NB to X-Large). That is a massive 20% increase on absorbency! Going eco doesn't mean missing out on quality.


  1. Double Leg Gussets

A feature we have always had was our double leg gussets. These sit snug inside the inner thigh of your baby to make sure our nappies have even more protection from leaks. When fitting the nappy just make sure you have popped the nappy on snuggly.


  1. Biodegradable

Pandas by Luvme nappies are 85% biodegradable. The biodegradable components to the nappy take between 60 and 150 days to biodegrade depending on the size of the nappy (more materials the longer) We recommend following your local councils instructions for correct disposal.

 Learn How to fit your Pandas eco-disposable nappy