Dangerous Chemicals in baby products

Being aware of what is in the products we buy is becoming the common theme for most households in Australia. Preservatives being of the highest danger areas to our health. We have seen a massive change in the way parabens, sulphates, dioxins, fragrances and chemicals have become one of the highest focuses to brand research and development!

Brands are conscientiously now listening to consumers who want safe, effective and non-carcinogenic chemicals in their goods. The baby market in particular is an area that we see growing with the times. Luvme eco products have a true commitment to creating and maintaining a no-nasties, no harsh chemical brand of eco nappies, bio-wipes and reusable cloth products.


Luvme Premium quality | Award winning | Best performing brands in Australia have been wrapping babies tusshies for the last 14 years. The demand from modern eco mums has pushed us as a brand to new heights, by creating newer, more affordable products for everyone.

I guess that leaves one more question.. How do you do eco?


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