2022 Breast Feeding Week

New Melbourne mural 'Breastralia' normalises breastfeeding.

As World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7) kicks off, Melbourne mums have descended upon a Collingwood block to normalise feeding by taking photos in front of a bold new mural unveiled today on Johnston Street depicting a raw portrayal of women breastfeeding and pumping in public. 

Commissioned by Tommee Tippee with local Melbourne artist, Caroline Lejeune, ‘Breastralia’ is a larger than life artwork which aims to spotlight a rarely celebrated yet common reality of being a new mum. By putting women at the fore on one of Melbourne's busiest inner city streets, the piece aims to transform how society speaks to mothers.

The ‘stop you in your tracks’ 15 metre-long artwork is in response to research undertaken by Tommee Tippee among new mums which demonstrated that three in four women (74%) feel overlooked and two thirds (66%) think that society talks down to them as a new mum.

Supported by recently new mum, advocate and former WAFL player Moana Hope and her wife Isabella Carlstrom alongside leading industry expert Midwife Cath, the piece features two women in their natural feeding state baring all as one woman feeds her four-month-old and the other woman her 18-month-old.

Moana Hope said, “As women, we’re constantly told to cover up or judged for how, where, when and even for how long we choose to feed. When Ahi came along, it was important for me to feed him whatever way was best for both of us which just so happened to be breastfeeding. But not everyone is able to breastfeed or even wants to.

“What I love about this piece is that aside from being in Collingwood, which holds a special place in my heart for obvious reasons, it’s just so real and honest. I’d love to see more monuments to motherhood like this in public spaces.”

To further align with World Breastfeeding Week as well as support mums in need, Tommee Tippee has pledged to donate pumps and pads to Big Group Hug (Community Help for Families in Need). For those not in Melbourne, Tommee Tippee is asking mums across the nation to get involved by “flashing their feed” with the 
#breastralia hashtag throughout the first week of August to raise awareness.


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